error er‧ror [ˈerə ǁ ˈerər] noun [countable]
1. a mistake:

• The confusion was the result of a computer error.

• The company has made some strategic errors.

ˈcompensating ˌerror
ACCOUNTING a mistake in keeping accounts that is hard to find because it cancels out another mistake
unreˈcoverable ˌerror COMPUTING
a problem that occurs when you are working on a computer, in which information is lost and it is impossible to get it back:

• Any sudden loss of power can cause unrecoverable file and disk errors.

2. COMMERCE errors and omissions excepted used in formal documents to say that mistakes and things that have been forgotten should also be taken into account

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error UK US /ˈerər/ noun [C or U]
something done or written by accident that is not correct, not accurate, or does not give the right result: make/introduce an error »

Can I amend my VAT return online if I've made an error?


correct/find an error

contain/have errors »

The text has numerous errors, but none are particularly significant.

error in sth »

An error in accounting led to this figure appearing in the 'profit' column.

accounting/administrative/clerical error »

Due to an administrative error, the payment went to the wrong bank account.


a grave/serious error


He made an error of judgment when he failed to promote her.


If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify us immediately.

IT a situation in which something goes wrong in a computer program, or a message that this has happened: give/produce/generate an error »

The bug generated an error when performing a multi-scale query.


a syntax/server/system error

See also MARGIN OF ERROR(Cf. ↑margin of error), UNRECOVERABLE ERROR(Cf. ↑unrecoverable error)

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